English III

Expectations, Procedures, and Policies

For Mr. Clark’s Class


The High 5

What I expect from you:

1.     Be positive.

2.     Be engaged.

3.     Be responsible.

4.     Be respectful.

5.     Your actions & your consequences.


What you can expect from me:

1.     Mr. Clark will be positive.

2.     Mr. Clark will be engaging.

3.     Mr. Clark will be responsible.

4.     Mr. Clark will be respectful.

5.     Your actions & my consequences.


Classroom Rules 


1.    Follow directions the first time they are given.


2.    Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.


3.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


4.    Use appropriate language; no put-downs, teasing, or


other inappropriate words.



Classroom procedures


A) Homework completion – For homework to be considered complete, all parts of the homework must be complete.


B) Handing in homework – Homework must be handed in to the appropriate place before you enter into the classroom. 


C) Entering the classroom – You must enter class silently.  Whispering is not allowed.


D) Moving to your seat and Launch – After you have walked through the front door to the classroom silently, pick up any handouts left on the “Pick Up Here” desk.  After picking up the handouts, walk to the desk that is assigned to you without talking.  Take out your class binder, a pencil or pen, and any other supplies that you will need. 

E) Quiet signs – If the class is doing an activity but then Mr. Clark needs that class’ attention, he will use different signals to ensure that students are quiet and that the class is paying attention.  Three quiet signs are the following:

a. Count down from five: In order to get the attention of the class after group work, Mr. Clark will count down from five.  At that point you must give Mr. Clark the following five things:

                        1. Be silent

                        2. Be still

                        3. Track the speaker

                        4. Listen to the speaker

                        5. Have your hands free

b. Clap it quiet: When Mr. Clark claps out a rhythm, students in the class put down anything that they are working on, track the clapper, be still, and repeat the rhythm that is clapped. All students must be silent after they repeat the rhythm.

F) What to do when you finish class work early – If you have successfully completed your class work, check it over.  After you have finished your work and checked it, you have two options:

a. Sit silently and wait for further instructions.

b. Begin reading in a book silently.

c. Raise your hand and I will assist you. 


G) Handing in late homework – Unless you are absent, late homework is not accepted.  Students who come to class without completed homework will receive a warning.

Late assignments (i.e. projects, papers, etc.) will be reduced one letter grade per day late.

H) Movement in the classroom – Students must have Mr. Clark’s permission to get out of their seat at any time throughout the class period. 


I) Sharpening pencils – Pencils should be sharpened before class begins.  If both of your pencils are dull and you need to sharpen your pencil during class, raise your pencil in the air.  If Mr. Clark gives you permission to sharpen your pencil, only then may you quietly walk to the pencil sharpener to do so.


J) Blowing your nose – If you need to blow your nose, raise one of your hands and touch your nose with the other.  If we are at an important moment in the lesson, Mr. Clark will ask you to wait.  You may not leave the classroom to blow your nose. 


K) Bathroom – No one is to leave the class the first 45 or the last 15 minutes of any class.  The best idea is to use the bathroom during the break between classes. If you need to use the bathroom during class, raise one of your hands and touch your shoulder with the other.  Mr. Clark will then let you know whether or not you can go to the bathroom at that time.  Abuse of this privilege will result in loss of privilege.


L) Throwing out garbage – All garbage is to be kept at your desk until the end of class.  At the end of class, take your trash as well as any scraps on the ground near your desk and place them in the trashcan. 


M) Getting the teacher’s attention – If a student needs to speak with Mr. Clark, that student should raise their hand, but not call out with their voice. 


N) Required supplies – Come to class prepared with the proper supplies.  The first item you need to bring is your English binder.  You should also bring a writing utensil. Students are not allowed to leave class for supplies or books once class has begun.


O) End of class dismissal – Mr. Clark, not the sound of the bell, will tell the class when it is time to get ready to go.  When Mr. Clark says “Time to clean up,” that means that all students should silently pack up their belongings and stand up next to their chair.  When Mr. Clark says, “Have a good day,” then students may leave the classroom or talk with Mr. Clark if they have questions.


P) Fire/Earthquake/Emergency – For emergency drills and real emergencies, we will remain calm, leave the classroom, and walk to the appropriate place as one group.  As we walk together, no students should separate from the class group.


Q) Cheating policy – Cheating cheats you out of your own education.  Cheating doesn’t help you learn, and we are here to learn.  The minimum punishment for cheating will be a zero on that assignment, office referral, and a phone call home. 


R) Visitor policy – Because we are a class with big goals and that will achieve great results, we will have more visitors in our classroom than normal.  Do not be distracted by visitors, but instead, show them why we are the most successful English class in all of Wayne County. 

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