The Media Center is an active environment for learning and discovery, and we are here not only for our students, but for our staff. We offer access to media for use in your classroom and to meet the curricular and the personal interest needs of our students, as well as professional development sessions throughout the year. The Media Coordinator is open to collaborate with classroom teachers to develop educational material on the responsible use of technology, media and research literacy, intellectual freedom, and understanding copyright and plagiarism.

Following are some questions that we are routinely asked regarding usage of the Media Center. Feel free to contact us with any issues that are not addressed here.


When is the Media Center open?

The Media Center is open every school day, except for:
            The first 10 days of school.
            When needed for standardized testing and during exams.
            For events and meetings.


What is the process for students accessing the Media Center?

Students need a pass from their assigned teacher for the class period they want to come to the Media Center. This pass must include the following: the student’s full name, the date and time they were issued the pass, an explanation of the purpose of their visit, the time they are to be sent back to class, and the teacher’s signature. Students who do not have a pass that includes all of this information will be sent back to class. A staff member will contact the student’s assigned teacher and inform them that they are returning for a pass.


Can students use the Media Center on their lunch break?

The Media Center is open during all lunches, unless otherwise posted. Students are still required to have a pass from their second period teacher.


If a student has early out or late arrival, can they use the Media Center outside of their assigned class time?

Students with early out or late arrival are not supposed to be on campus outside of their assigned class time. This includes the Media Center; however, students who are not currently in class will be allowed to use the Media Center with a signed pass from the Principal. This pass must include all of the information required on all other passes. Students who are not in class that come into the Media Center without a pass will be reported to administration.

Can students come to the Media Center when they have free time?

Students are welcome to come to the Media Center at any time to read and check out books and/or magazines. Per WCPS policy, computers may only be used for school-related purposes; thus, students will not be allowed to use the computer unless they have written documentation from a teacher that they need to use one for their assignment.


How many students can I send to the Media Center at a time?

Teachers may send two students to the Media Center at a time. Groups larger than two students will require prior arrangement. Groups larger than two students that have not been previously arranged will be sent back to class. Their teacher will be notified.


Can students use the printer in the Media Center?

Students may print out documents at the cost of 20 cents per page, regardless of whether they are printing out color or black & white copies. Before printing, students must go by the front office and pay for their prints. Once they have paid, they are to bring their receipts to the Media Coordinator and then print off their document. Prints cannot be charged—they must be paid for before printing is allowed.

If you bring your entire class, students are allowed one free print each. We do ask that teachers supply paper for your class during these visits. 


If I have a student who needs a separate environment for testing, or needs to do a make-up test, can I send them to the Media Center?

While the Media Center is generally a quiet area, please be advised that teachers do bring large groups of students to the Media Center to check out books, attend workshops, and conduct research. Thus, the Media Center is not always an ideal testing location. Arrangements for students testing in the Media Center should be made at least one school day in advance, by the end of the class period that the testing will take place.


How many books can a student check out, how long do they keep them, and what is the penalty for returning a book late?

Students may have two books checked out at a time. Books are due fourteen days from the day they are checked out. If the due date were to fall on a holiday or work day, then the book is due back on the first school day after the date in question. Students are not charged late fees. If a book is overdue, the student may not check out another book until it is returned; once the book is four weeks overdue, the cost of the book will be charged to the student’s account. This charge will be waived upon returning the book and no further fines will be collected.


How many books can staff members check out and what is their check out period?

Staff are not limited to how many materials they can check out. Books are due back on the last day of the semester for which they are checked out; assigned equipment (such as teacher laptops and document cameras) are due by the end of the school year. You will be advised on a specific date during the fourth nine weeks. Temporary use equipment (such as speakers and projectors) should be returned as soon as possible.


If I need to use the Media Center or have need of a resource, how do I submit that request?

If you need a resource that the library already owns, please come by the library to check it out. If it is a resource that our library does not have, then please fill out this Google Form to request that it be bought during our future book orders. If you need to make a reservation for your class to come in, there is a Google form for that as well. This request should be made at least three school days in advance.     


Can substitutes write passes for students to come to the Media Center?

To prevent students from taking advantage of their teacher’s absence, we do not accept passes from substitute teachers. However, if you wish to have your class come to the Media Center on a day which you will be absent, follow standard procedure for reserving use of the Media Center, inform us that you will have a sub that day, and make sure it is noted in your lesson plans.


Do I need to be present with my class in the Media Center?

Teachers should be present with their class at all times while they are in the Media Center. They should escort them to the Media Center and be present there at the time they arrive. Students should not be sent ahead of the teacher, especially if coming as a class.


How are disciplinary infractions handled in the Media Center?

If the teacher of record is present, the responsibility for discipline lies with them. If a student has been given a pass to use the Media Center and they deviate from their stated purpose of being there, they will be sent back to class and the teacher will be notified. If a disciplinary referral is necessary, the student’s teacher of record will be contacted and a Media Center staff member will complete the referral.


Are students allowed to use personal media devices and/or headphones in the Media Center?

All campus-wide policies apply in the Media Center as well, so students are not allowed to use cell phones or other personal media devices. They may not use headphones, even if using a school computer. If a student needs headphones to complete an assignment, it should be noted on their pass. Either the teacher or the student needs to provide headphones if needed.


Does the Media Center offer technology repair or troubleshooting services?

The Media Center staff and Technology Facilitator can advise on general basic troubleshooting. We cannot repair faulty technology or, with very few exceptions, replace it. Almost all repairs are handled by the WCPS Diagnostics/Instructional Technology department. Any technology problems or request should be submitted using this Google form